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YouTube: Signup a New YouTube Channel Using Google+ Profile; Retires & Replaces ‘ads.youtube.com’ with AdWords for Video Beta

With a new feature added today to YouTube, you can now sign up for a new YouTube channel using a Google+ profile name and photo on a new YouTube channel, giving you one consistent identity across platforms when uploading videos, sharing, commenting and other public activities, infomred O’Brien on YouTube blog.

This is currently available on the English version of YouTube and will soon rolling out across languages in coming months.

Google also revealed that the new features will give currently over “100 million” Google+ users, who are already able to watch YouTube in Hangouts and share videos with Circles, another way to bring the best of Google+ directly into your YouTube experience.

Here’s what you’ll see if you sign up for a new YouTube channel and you already have a Google+ profile. If you want this to be your channel name and photo, just click OK, “I’m ready to continue.”

“If you want to create a YouTube channel that’s different from your Google+ profile (e.g. “KatnissForPresident”), click “Create a username,” and you’ll have the option to create a YouTube channel as usual,” explains Brien.

It looks like this:

Signup YouTube Channel using Google+ profile

Google also, promises to provide ability to exisiting YouTube channel and to Google+ profile.

In other YouTube news, Google bidding farwell to ads.youtube.com, on April 12th, 2012, replacing it with the newly created AdWords for video beta.

Google Retires ads.youtube.com, welcomes AdWords for video beta

AdWords for video beta streamlines the process of creating a campaign, has access to more ad formats and ad inventory, and gives you powerful tools to understand and improve the performance of your video ads.

“Currently you can still create and manage your video ads at ads.youtube.com, but starting on April 12th all accounts will transition to AdWords for video (beta),” informed YouTube. Adding, “If you were previously using the ads.youtube.com interface, your ads and historical performance will remain unchanged and will be easily viewable in AdWords,” YouTube said.

You can also import your existing YouTube Promoted Videos ads into AdWords for video (beta) by following the instructions here.

For more information about AdWords for video (beta), including a step-by-step setup guide, or visit AdWords for video website or or the AdWords Help Center.

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