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YouTube: Automatic Captions in Japanese, Korean, and English, Search Videos with Captions, Broadcast Caption Support’ and More!

Caption support in YouTube since its launch in 2006, have been uploaded on more than 1.6 million videos, and still growing steadily each year, blogged YouTube stating that “‘automatic captions’ has also been enabled for 135 million videos, more than tripling the number of captioned videos available since July 2011.”

Here what has been made over the past few months:

More languages: YouTube now support automatic captions and transcript synchronization in Japanese, Korean, and English. “Speech recognition for those languages makes it easier for video owners to create captions from a plain transcript. Video owners can also add captions and subtitles in 155 supported languages and dialects, from Afar to Zulu. In Movies and Shows, you can even find out which subtitle languages are available before deciding to rent,” informs YouTube.

YouTube ow support automatic captions and transcript synchronization in Japanese, Korean, and English

Search for videos with captions by just adding “, cc” to any search, or after searching, click Filter > CC to only see results with closed captions.

Search for YouTube videos with captions

Caption settings
While watching a video, you can now change the way the captions look by clicking on the “CC” icon and then the “Settings…” menu item. This includes changing the font size or colors used, and we’re planning to make this available on other platforms and add more options soon.

New Caption settings for YouTube

Broadcast caption support
If the channel owner provides a video caption file in a broadcast format, we now support its position and style information, just like on TV. “This means the text can appear near the character who is speaking, italicized to indicate an off-camera narrator, or even scrolling if the original captions were generated in a real-time mode,” said YouTube.

Check out this little demo from CPC to see how it looks, or even watch a rental movie with captions like those available from The Walt Disney Studios.

Video: CPCDemo_720x486_ProRes2

More supported formats
YouTube now supports many of the common caption formats used by broadcasters, such as .SCC, .CAP, EBU-STL, and others. Conversion for closed captions for TV or DVDs are handle as well.

MPEG-2 caption import
YouTube now import the MPEG-2 video file that contains closed captions with CEA-608 encoding, and will create YouTube captions.

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