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Xbox One and the Cloud Integration Makes your Games Look Better

Microsoft while unveiling the Xbox One had said that the new gaming console needs an internet connection every 24-hours or so. However, according to new details, the new Xbox One will require an internet connection at certain times, because of the cloud gaming features the new console provides.

Cloud gaming on Xbox One may be used to make your games look better graphically. This is one of the reasons why the Xbox One will require being online as much as possible. But don’t worry, “the Xbox One will be intelligent enough to compromise when the internet does drop out, as it does every now and then.”

For example, “theres a few things in games which don’t need to be updated every second, things that don’t need to be updated when something happens within the video game. Lighting or fog could be sent from the cloud instead of being loaded from the console.”

“Those are perfect candidates for the console to offload that to the cloud–the cloud can do the heavy lifting, because you’ve got the ability to throw multiple devices at the problem in the cloud” claims Matt Booty, General Manager of Redmond Game Studios.

Playing the same scenario while offline may reduce the games graphics, making it less beautiful.

Talking about the new Xbox One and the cloud, Dan Greenawalt, creative director of Xbox Turn 10 Studios, the team that brings you Forza Motorsport, said that he and other game creators now have the best of both worlds.

“One thing I’d really like to comment on is it’s a more powerful box, which is fantastic. It’s not just that it’s more powerful, it’s also connected. It’s connected to the cloud and this gives us as creators the ability to offload some of the processing that we would use…So we can move things: Physics. AI. Worlds. We can move incredible rendering capabilities to the cloud, and that means this box is going to evolve. So this is a radically different way that we think about how we work as creators on a box.”

On Thursday, Microsoft also released the Trends in Cloud Computing report, which analyzes the results of current IT maturity and adoption practices of organizations worldwide that have used the CSRT.

“At the highest level of analysis, most respondents indicated that their existing IT states were still getting started or making progress,” Jones writes. “Respondent answers to only one question (which relates to deploying antivirus/antimalware software) appears to indicate relative maturity for the average respondent.”

Check the full report here (pdf).

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