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Xbox 360 Elite Bolstered 120GB HD And HDMI

This report reveals what’s been speculated previously, with Game Informer magazine lifting the lid on the ‘Elite’ black Xbox 360. We learn that the system will indeed be sold alongside the Core and Premium models, boasting a HDMI output and companion cable, black case, controller and headset. The system will cost 479 USD and should be out (in the US at least) come late April.

When sale of the limited edition Elite systems cease, the report suggests the Premium console will then be bolstered by the 120GB HD and the HDMI output. The system will also run a little cooler than the rather spicy existing models, with the upgraded solo 120GB HD expected out in the late Summer or Autumn costing 399 USD.

Rumours we heard — A number of press reports spread liberally across the interweb testify that a limited edition black Xbox 360 is on the way, dubbed ‘Elite’, and could be announced as soon as Wednesday.

While Sony try to focus next-gen gaming attention on the freshly launched PlayStation 3, Redmond are no doubt hoping their blackened 360 will grab a little of the limelight, though no official word from the firm has surfaced as yet. That said, a number of separate reports now point to news from China that the Elite is definitely in production – with pictures of the new look console even beginning to circulate.

Reports suggest that Chinese workers presently manufacturing the new console are banned from taking cameras and mobile phones into the factory, however a number of enterprising moles have none the less got the word out – one spy revealing that he smuggled a camera phone into the Xbox plant in his underwear!

Rumours suggest the Xbox 360 Elite will cost 479 USD, and will begin shipping in April, with some reports suggesting a 120GB hard-drive will be included as part of the high-spec new console. There’s also talk of a HDMI output on the revised system, with one Microsoft developer even revealing that ‘no code changes’ will be required to support this change via the Xbox-Scene website.


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