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WS PicViewer Plugin

WS PicViewer let’s you display pictures in a cool window. Titles, descriptions and slideshows are possible as well.

Instruction & usage:

  • Download WS PicViewer, and extract to a local folder.
  • Upload ws_picviewer folder to wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  • Activate from the plugin page in WordPress Admin panel.
  • Open the file awesomebox.js, which is in the js folder, in an editor or the notepad and change the path of the aLoadImg- and aClose-variables! These are in the row 31 and 32 …

The link should refer to the picture you want to open, otherwise the titles and longer descriptions can specified as follows.


Specify it with the alt="Test" attribute in the link or in the img-tag.

Longer description

Could be specified as a longdesc="Here stand a longer description" attribute in the img-tag or as title="Here stand a longer description" attribute in the a-tags.


Add an rel="Photo Series" attribute to the a-tag, the link-tag. The next pictures should have the same rel="Photo Series" attributes like the others!

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