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WMI scripting using Scriptomatic 2.0

If you would like a little help with leveraging the power of WMI but do not know how to write a script or are scripting challenged. There is a tool called Scriptomatic 2.0, which is an HTA (HTML Application) that can write rudimentary WMI scripts.  Scriptomatic 2.0 allows you to work with all WMI Namespaces, and not just Root\Cimv2.  This is especially useful when working with custom applications, providers and namespaces.  In addition, you can create scripts to run against multiple computers by entering the system names in a delimited list format or by loading the names from an input text file.  Scriptomatic also provides some flexibility with respect to the scripting language you need your script generated in.  You have the choice of having the script created in VBScript, Perl, JScript or Python.  In addition to the different scripting languages that you can use, you also have the option to generate output in different formats including HTML, Excel and XML.

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