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WinZip 12 features lossless JPEG compression

WinZip have figured out how to compress JPEGs without sacrificing image quality in WinZip 12. The details on exactly how this is done remain a secret for now, although WinZip has promised to open up its compression algorithms as they’ve done in the past. On the user end of things, this means that ZIP files containing JPEGs will be more than just bundles of your photos–the archives will actually be smaller in size.

To test it out, a massive archive is created, comprising more than 550 images that worked out to be about 70MB uncompressed. That test provided 24 percent space savings, toward the high-end of WinZip’s predictions of between 20 percent and 25 percent. This only works with JPEG images. GIFs, TIFs, PNGs, and others will be compressed using standard algorithms, and so it’s unlikely that you’ll see a drastic savings in space with them.

Some of the other new features in WinZip 12 were nearly as interesting. The Pro version of WinZip offers a Zip from Camera option. This cuts out multiple steps and instead lets users archive their images as they get transferred onto their computer. There’s also a new tool, Send Selected, that lets you e-mail archives as they get created. However, this is WinZip playing catch-up–other compression tools, like 7-Zip or WinRAR, have offered this for some time.

Source:→ CNET

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