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Windows Vista: Stop Startup Sound via Volume Mixer

Windows Vista brings to the table an evolved audio management system in contrast to Windows XP. The Volume Mixer in Vista is nothing short of a decent feature designed to enable streamlined handling of sound across the operating system. You will of course be able to access it through the now traditional system icon in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Just clicking on the icon will open a menu allowing you to control the general volume of the sound playing devices connected to your system. Double clicking it will permit you 
access to sound  settings for both the hardware and the software on your system. The Volume Mixer in Windows Vista will allow for every application and device to be controlled independently, with the settings of the general sound volume for the system impacting all other audio across the operating system.

“I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of working on one application when another application’s sound suddenly blasted out your speakers. It can be disconcerting anytime, embarrassing when it happens during a meeting and downright painful when using headphones. Windows XP had a single control for all sounds, and this controlled only the hardware. If an application’s sound was louder or softer than that specified by Windows XP’s volume control, you had to constantly adjust the volume. Windows Vista allows you to choose the right volume for any running application. It’s also very easy to use. Right-click the speaker icon in the notification area (systray) of your desktop, then click Volume Mixer to open the control. You’ll see a list of programs running. Then, just use the slider bar to adjust the volume up or down,” revealed Nick White, Microsoft Product Manager.

But right-clicking will also enable you to access the Playback and the Recording devices, as well as the default sounds of Windows Vista. Here you can select, customize, or turn off the operating system’s sounds, and also mute the Windows Vista startup sound. “You can adjust volume for use with either speakers or headphones simply by selecting the desired output in the device column. You can also choose to mute individual programs so as to not be interrupted by sounds from other running programs. If you change the output device, you will need to readjust the volume,” White added.

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Source:→ softpedia

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