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Windows Vista SP1 “Collection of published API changes from MSDN”

Microsoft might choose not to tell its enthusiasts anything about Windows Vista Service Pack 1, but they can’t afford to keep it a secret to the development community. For the same reasons some argue SP1 is the Holy Grail for Windows Vista, a newer kernel means changes to a very significant component of an operating system. However since this is a significantly minor update to the kernel compared to what was endured just months ago, APIs have already been added, changed and even obsoleted.

Since Microsoft wouldn’t publish any documentation of their own for the time being, here is a list I’ve compiled from the MSDN Library of all the changes taking effect in Vista SP1 published to-date. Whilst most of these documentation won’t make sense for non-developers (myself included), think of it like reading a foreign-language newspaper – find all the proper nouns then make up the story. 'msdn'

  • Windows Installer 4.1 (4.0.6001) – “Windows Installer 4.1 updates Windows Installer 4.0 without adding any new features”
  • Application Compatibility Cookbook – “There are no architectural changes for Windows Vista SP1. Applications that are compatible with Windows Vista RTM should continue to be compatible with Windows Vista SP1.”
  • IPv6 Traffic over VPN Connections – “Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP). SSTP is only supported by Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 (SP1, now in beta testing)” [“Now in beta testing”. Doh, another Microsoft typo. I’ll correct it for them, they meant Windows Server 2008.]
  • Process Afinity – controls which processor a process runs on in a multi-processor environment
  • Cryptographic Next Generation (CNG)
    • CNG Algorithm Identifiers – Vista SP1 support 2 new Algorithm Identifiers
      • BCRYPT_AES_GMAC_ALGORITHM “AES-GMAC” – “The advanced encryption standard (AES) Galois message authentication code (GMAC) symmetric encryption algorithm.”
      • BCRYPT_RNG_DUAL_EC_ALGORITHM “DUALECRNG” – “The dual elliptical curve random-number generator algorithm.”
    • Cryptography Primitive Property Identifiers – Vista SP1 support 2 new Property Identifiers
      • BCRYPT_CHAIN_MODE_CCM – “Sets the provider’s chaining mode to counter with CBC-MAC mode (CCM).”
      • BCRYPT_CHAIN_MODE_GCM – “Sets the provider’s chaining mode to Galois/counter mode (GCM).”
  • WdsTransportClient – Windows Deployment Services Transport Client

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