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Windows Vista: Percentage of consumers have UAC enabled?

UAC makes that easier. For those who want to run as admin, yeah – you give something up. You are no longer an admin all the time. Well, let me correct that. You are still an admin on your computer. It’s just that your word processor isn’t an admin on your computer. Your web browser isn’t an admin on your computer. Every web site on the planet isn’t an admin on your computer. And so forth. And I would assert that this is good. So clearly, I don’t go into this with the same attitude towards the feature.

[…] We looked at data from 9 million user sessions. We stripped out all data from computers joined to a Microsoft domain, and non-RTM builds. (Us ‘Softies are a wacky bunch.) And we looked at the results. This is from the October – December 2007 data collection period.

What did we find?

UAC is enabled on 88% of consumer sessions. And that number is increasing, up from 84%.

What else did we find? Well, I didn’t get permission to share all that, so I’ll talk in vague generalities. 🙂 We’re looking at which applications are prompting the most frequently, and seeing what we can do to fix that. (We have more than our fair share, trust me.) But this is definitely a “long tail” problem[… ]

More Info….

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