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Windows Vista ‘n’ Nvidia And Frustrations

Windows Vista users’ ongoing frustrations with graphics-card maker Nvidia have boiled over.

A new Web site, NvidiaClassAction.info, created by IT consultant Dan Goldman, is gauging whether there is sufficient user interest to launch a class-action suit against Nvidia over the vendor’s allegedly spotty Windows Vista support.

The NvidiaClasACtion home page explains the site’s purpose:

“This website gathers information to determine the viability for a class action lawsuit against nVidia (and some of its manufacturing partners) for problems involving ‘Vista Ready Certified’ products on the Microsoft Vista operating system.

“We at www.nVidiaclassaction.info believe that nVidia and its manufacturing partners defrauded us. Therefore, we are proactively gathering information from victims around the world who have suffered similar harms, and who we believe have also been defrauded.

“This information will provide a law firm in New York City (which must – at this point – remain anonymous) evidence to determine viability for a class action lawsuit.”

Goldman said he purchased an 8800 series Nvidia graphics card that was labeled as “Designed for Windows Vista” before Microsoft launched Vista on January 30. Once Vista was released to consumers, Nvidia made available the necessary drivers for the cards. But the drivers have been plagued with bugs, Goldman said. Based on support forum threads on Nvidia’s site, thousands of users have had trouble with the cards/drivers, Goldman said.

“(F)or more than a month, nvidia has tried to hush the problem and has not provided any solution or information regarding the problem. this, of course, meant that people could not figure out if the problem was with drivers or with their system configuration or even hardware malfunctions. this, in turn, lead to people returning various hardware components and getting replacements, just to find out that it did not solve the problem. it also lead to people spending dozens of hours on system configuration changes, hardware reassembly, windows tweaking, bios tweaking, forum reading and so on. all of it without finding solutions.”

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