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Windows Vista “List of Compatible and Incompatible Softwares”

Want to know if a certain piece of software is compatible with Microsoft’s latest operating system? Or are you looking to find the freshest version of an application that would integrate seamlessly into Windows Vista? Is a program giving you headaches on Vista and you want to ensure that it is incompatible before you start looking for an alternative? Well, the Redmond company has set up an excellent resource designed to present users with an exhaustive list of the software titles that will run on the operating system: the Windows Vista AppReadiness  Beta website.

“Welcome to the Windows Vista Application Readiness Beta site! The central place to find and share information about software that runs on the Windows Vista platform. Browse through a comprehensive listing of applications that have a Windows Vista Logo or are Ready for Windows Vista, See comments on compatibility that the community has contributed and Share your own experiences with others,” reads the welcoming message to the Vista applications readiness website.

The Windows Vista AppReadiness Beta website is the child of the Bruce Burns, Senior Director of Microsoft’s Strategic Relations Group and his team, after a collaboration with the Windows Vista product management team. Essentially the Windows Vista AppReadiness Beta website is a community driven resource, Microsoft allowing end users to not only search and discover information about applications compatible or incompatible with Vista, but also to add their own content and commentaries. You will be able to access additional information about the AppReadiness website via this video on Channel 9 and even hear Bruce Burns’ perspective on the matter.

“This site is divided into three sections: “Certified for/Works With Windows Vista” (logo’d applications lists applications that have earned the “Certified for Windows Vista” or “Works with Windows Vista” logo); applications that are Ready! for Windows Vista (lists applications that have been reported by the application manufacturer as compatible with, or supported on, Windows Vista) and the Community section (generated by community members),” Microsoft informed.

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Source:→ Softpedia

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