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Windows Vista: File-Sharing

Windows Vista has the dubious honor of probably being the most controversial OS that Microsoft (MS) has ever released. Critics have relentlessly assailed it as a resource hog, an attempt to copy OS X, being too little too late for an upgrade from XP, and/or as simply being XP with some window dressings.

Of all the characteristics of the new OS, perhaps none have received more attention than the content protection measures built into it. Combined with MS’ announced Windows Genuine Advantage verification features, the issue has rapidly snowballed into a huge sphere of negative sentiment that Microsoft themselves have surprisingly done relatively little to mitigate.

Many users worried that their unprotected content would refuse to play, and there are various claims floating around the internet that this is the case. Others have fretted that Vista would block file-sharing altogether.

Due to the nature of most file-sharing, the lack of official information from MS or major tech news sources is understandable. Up to this writing, I was aware of only one such article – Paul Thurrott’s Compatibility Guide, in which he reported that two programs widely used for content acquisition and sharing, AnyDVD and uTorrent, work perfectly. On the other hand, there seems to be a flood of uncertain information on the internet in the form of blog and forum posts.

As such, the Slyck team felt it was time to look into the issue ourselves and provide the file-sharing community with a clear picture of exactly what is and isn’t possible on Vista.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is not intended to be a review of Vista itself. Nor is it a statement for or against that or any other available OS. It is certainly not an argument for or against switching or upgrading. Its primary purpose is to provide accurate information as to what works and what doesn’t on a particular platform.

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