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Windows Vista: 10 Things – Using checkboxes on the Tablet PC & UMPC

If you’ve used Windows XP on a Tablet PC, then you’re probably aware that it wasn’t very easy to select multiple files when in Tablet mode.  Luckily, Windows Vista changed this to make it a lot easier to navigate via Windows Explorer and use the Tablet functionality of your Tablet PC.  It may not seem like a big difference at first glance, but it matters.

When you hover over any group of files with your Tablet PC pen, a checkbox appears to the left of the file.  Tapping this box will check it and allow you to continue selecting more files.  Once all the files you need are selected, you can then move, copy or delete them as a single group.

If Tablet checkboxes aren’t already enabled on your Tablet PC (or UMPC), it’s simple to add them:

  • Open a folder (such as Documents)
  • Tap or click ‘Organize’
  • Choose Folder and Search Options
  • Select View tab
  • Click or tap ‘Use check boxes to select items’
  • Click OK

You can now select multiple files by using the checkboxes whenever hovering your pen over the window.  Alternatively, you still have the option to use the Shift or Control keys on the Tablet Input Panel or the keyboard to select multiple files as well.

Tablet functionality is available in the Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows Vista.

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Source:→ TheTabletPC.net | Windows Vista Team Blog

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