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Windows Server 2008 Itanium Demo with live add CPU resources

Digital Dave: When I was approached to start development work on this system I had never seen anything like it. Windows on a Mainframe? Who the hell is gona want that? After 3 weeks of working with it… I do! The software vendors we have seen supporting this platform and the demos they have shown me are… mind blowing. I mean a 1000 VM running on 4 processors with a job load of only 60%… are you kidding me!

The system I am working on is revolutionary. As I mentioned in the title I am doing all of my work on An Intel Itanium based system running on a mainframe class box. Now you might think this box is ridiculously expensive and you would be wrong. You also might think you can’t run your x86 apps on an Itanium processor. Hold on folks… we’ll get to that in the coming weeks.

So I started asking the Marketing and Sales department for pricing and once I got that I went and added up all my servers (I have 15 right now running about 26 different applications) and compared prices. This box came in 26% less than what I had already spent and I was about to add another sever to my network (which I have since held off on until I can finish my work on this box).

So just to wrap your heads around this… you can CONCURRENTLY run:

  • Windows 2003 (Server, Data Center)
  • Windows 2008 (Server, Data Center)
  • Linux (just about all flavors)
  • and a couple of other OS (I haven’t seen them run yet but I hear they run very well on the box).

… all on the same system. AND, say the Windows side needs to be rebooted for some reason, it DOES NOT affect any of the other OS on the system! They just keep on running!

For the Windows folks in the house, this is amazing. For the Linux folks in the house… this is amazing.

I wish I could show you all of the stuff this baby can do but right now I can only show you the processor demo.

Now the demo is compressed pretty heavily to alleviate as much of the load on our server as possible (but still very watchable).

So without further delay…. Windows 2008 (Longhorn) processor demo (fire-up your speakers… I actually narrate it myself).

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Source:? forums.winxpcentral.com

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