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Windows Server 2008: DFS Replication

A previous blog post mentioned some of the more end-user visible new features in Windows Server 2008. There is another less visible design enhancement on Windows Server 2008. Let us explore this change and find out how it can be beneficial to Server 2008 based deployments of the DFS Replication service.

Windows Server 2003 R2: On Windows Server 2003 R2, the staging area is contained within a folder under the replicated folder itself. Basically, there is a hidden sub-folder called ‘DfsrPrivate’ under the root of every replicated folder. This hidden folder contains private information stored by the DFS Replication service on a per-replicated folder basis. This private information includes the ‘ConflictAndDeleted’ directory, the ‘PreExisting’ directory and the ‘Staging Area’ for that replicated folder. The ‘PreExisting’ directory doesn’t exist on the Primary member in the replication group. An example of this behavior is illustrated in Figure 1, where the replicated folder ‘Reports’ has its Staging area, Conflicts and Deleted folder and Pre-Existing folder locations stored under the ‘DfsrPrivate’ subfolder. The size of these locations also contributes to the quota usage statistics for the replicated folder.

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