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Windows Performance Tools to measure browser performance

Using Windows Performance Tools you can measure not only the overall elapsed time of operations, but also look at time spent in individual browser and operating system components. This post show you how to use WPT to record & analyze performance of different browsers. “We’ll look at how to understand Windows events, measure CPU and GPU activity, identify working set patterns, and view network activity. We wouldn’t recommend WPT to average user; however these tools are great resource for developers and this post help you get started using the toolset to understand browser performance,” said Microsoft.

Vista and Win7 have an extremely low overhead infrastructure built into OS called Event Tracing for Windows which collects performance and system data. ETW enables Windows OS and apps to efficiently generate events at runtime. There’re hundreds of events that can be captured during execution and later analyzed by tools.

WPT allow you to capture, visualize and analyze ETW traces for your OS. During installation you can scope installation to just “WPT”:

More Info: Measuring Browser Performance with the Windows Performance Tools

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