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Windows Mobile 7 “Software & Mobile Phone’ details emerge

WMExperts gave us a sneak peek at what Microsoft’s doing with Windows Mobile: “First, it’s not Windows Mobile 7 but just “Seven,” so that’s how we’re going to refer to OS from now on. Also the phrase “Microsoft Zune Phone Experience” may be tossed around. Second, we’re hearing there’ll be two versions: Business edition and Media edition — those aren’t necessarily the names we’ll see them launch with, just different branches of development. Windows Phone Seven Business edition (BE) is nearest in completion, but one we might not see bare naked. It’s a more stripped down version of Seven and while it can still do media, it has less thrill than the Media edition. Windows Phone Seven Media edition (ME) is the big kahuna, that Microsoft is really banking on, and isn’t yet nearly as complete, and, yes, if there was one we probably won’t have in our hands till 2011, it’s this version.

Windows Sensor and Location Platform ‘Orion’ is a cloud-based assisted GPS system that’s supposed to dramatically increase initial location-lock performance. This’ll guarantee rapid GPS performance across all future Seven devices, regardless of carrier support. Hardware: First Seven device expected to launch is LG “Apollo”. HTC ‘Obsession’ is the device we’ve a better chance seeing at Mobile World Congress, as the LG device’s still going through some development. Think of the Obsession as a slightly smaller HD2.


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