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Windows Mobile 7 debuting in February, will have Gestures

Gizmodo got a tip that “it seems like we’ll be seeing Windows Mobile 7 at the Mobile World Congress in Feb.” Gizmodo’s tipster said: “Windows Mobile 7 will apparently support motion-sensing gestures that’ve been kicking around rumor mill for past years. That means you’ll be able to use phone without actually touching it. Slick! The only problem’s that Windows Mobile 7 might not be a simple upgrade for current WinMo users. It’ll reportedly need newer hardware with better specs and gesture support – like LG phones perhaps?” In a related news, a Microsoft spokesperson contacted Betanews to clear their story titled “Finally, what to expect from Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Phone.” “At the time, we were under the impression that the interview was providing us with a taste of what we could expect from Mobile World Congress in Feb, and I suggested that Windows Mobile 7 was ‘only two months away,’ even though ‘Microsoft really [wasn’t] talking about Windows Mobile 7 specifically,’ said Betanews. The spokesperson asked us to reiterate that, while we were given an overview of the direction of Windows Phone, we weren’t speaking specifically of Windows Mobile 7. In Wednesday night keynote address to CES, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer simply said, “We’ll have more to say on Windows Mobile phones next month at Mobile World Congress,” without mentioning versions or even if there would be announcements.

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