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Windows Live Messenger Connect ‘Makes your data more portable while retaining control over its useage’

Windows Live Messenger Connect, enables you to easily connect to Windows Live from third party apps and lets you take your Windows Live experience and data, with your consent and at your discretion. Additionally, new Messenger, provides the most complete picture of what your friends are doing across your social networks and other sharing sites, including comprehensive integration with Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

“To safeguard customers’ privacy and enable partner scenarios, we’ve created two distinct tiers of partner access policies: Public APIs are available to all developers and 3rd-parties to access in self-service manner. Appropriate use is governed by Terms of Use and Terms of Service, and is monitored for abuse reported by customers. 3rd-parties can sign-up for access through application management tool. Restricted APIs allows 3rd- parties to access more sensitive information on behalf of customers. Therefore, these APIs are reserved for select 3rd-party groups explicitly approved by Microsoft, and meet clear and consistent criteria,” explains Microsoft.

Here’s what the experience looks like when connecting with 3rd-party apps through Messenger Connect:

  • When you click Windows Live “Connect” button on 3rd-party site (explicit customer content is required), it initiates the sign-in and consent experience:
  • initial screen provides you ability to sign in with your Live ID, and learn about access level 3rd party app’s requesting. When you click “What will I share?” link, you get detailed information about specific pieces of data and capabilities the app is looking to access:
  • At any point, you can edit your permissions for any 3rd-party app within Windows Live and revoke its access to your data:
  • “Reporting abuse” links from Live services so that you can inform any app that may be violating Terms of Service, or generally behaving in a way you find inappropriate. In extreme circumstances, “we’ve ability to suspend or revoke a 3rd-party app’s ability to use Connect, thus automatically revoking any permissions a customer granted the 3rd party.”


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