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Windows Home Server: LightsOut 0.7 add-in update

Martin Rothschink has updated his power management add-in LightsOut to version 0.7. This update fixes a few bugs, and now provides English language help and documentation.

English Summary

LightsOut – The name says it all.
This Add-In is used to put a Windows Home Server into suspended mode or hibernation and resume on user defined events.

To go to sleep, you can choose from several methods:
• On demand, if no more clients are active
• Based on a calendar, as a single action or repeated each weekday
• Or as a combination of both methods

You can define times, where the server has to be up and running:
• Using the calendar
• Based on the defined backup time

Wake up
A suspended or hibernated server can be resumed using a calendar event.
You can also install a small application on your client machines to wake up your server when needed.
Additional functionality
The Add-In visualizes the uptime of your client machines, your server and the backup time. So you can easily identify the
machine which puts the server into sleep.

Data integrity
To reduce the risk of data loss, the server is never put into sleep during an active backup operation or a backup cleanup.
You can define services, which are stopped on suspend and restarted after resume. The DriveExtenderMigrator always
belongs to this list of services. Additional services like a mail server can be added.


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