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Windows Home Server: Installing Firefly Media Server

FireFly Media Server will index all of your files in the folder you specified. This may take a while, and it will not be available properly until it is done. Also, when FireFly Media Server tries indexing corrupt files, it crashes. Here’s the method from the MS WHS Forums:

What you will need

  • Remote Desktop Connection or Advanced Admin Console
  • Bonjour – Yes, this is in fact required.
  • Firefly Media Server – The most current version is build 1696, and does work on Windows Home Server
  • Firefly WHS Add-In – Download this to your “Add-Ins” directory on the server.
  1. Once you are at the console, use notepad to edit “c:\program files\firefly media server\mt-daapd.conf”
  2. Change (or add, if it isn’t there) an option called “debuglevel” with a value of 5 in the “[general]“ section.
  3. Then, delete the “songs3.db” file (in “c:\program files\firefly media server”) and start the firefly server.
  4. It will crank around, indexing the music for a while. At some point it will crash. When it does, look at the log file in “c:\program files\firefly media server\firefly.log”.
  5. Find the last song it tried to index and move it out of the way. Then start it again and repeat as necessary.

Source:→ WGS

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