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Windows Home Server: How to install Add-ins?

You’ve bought a Windows Home Server (WHS), now every PC on your network is backed up, you can access shared folders from any PC and stream music and video, as well as show holiday snaps on your TV. Your digital life couldn’t be looking much brighter! 

By using Add-ins for Windows Home Server you can enhance the functionality of your Home Server.

“Add-Ins add additional features and functionality to Windows Home Server.” Seems a bit dry! But they go on; “For example, an Add-in might add a new tab to the Windows Home Server Console so you can manage a new service or feature.”  

By far the easiest, and much preferred way to install Add-ins is by using the WHS Console 

How to Install an Add-in via the WHS Console.

In this walk-through we will install Brenadan Grant’s Tab Reorderer

1. Download Tab Reorderer and save the file to the \Server\Software\Add-Ins folder on your home server.
2. Open up the WHS Console and click on the Settings button. Click on Add-ins in the setting menu and then click on the available Add-ins tab.
3. Here you should be able to locate the Tab Reorderer add-in you have placed in the Add-in folder within the Software folder on the server.
4. Click on the install button and the add-in installation window appears.
5. After the add-in has installed the following window appears, click on OK
6. Click on OK and restart the Console.
7. Once the Console is open your newly installed add-in will be shown either on the tabbed area at the top of the screen, or if you already have several add-ins installed you may need to use the right arrow button to reveal your new add-in button.
8. Not all add-ins place a button on the Console Tab some, like Tab Reorderer, place a button in the console Settings menu. 

Removing an Add-in: To remove an Add-in go to the Console and then to Add-ins. Locate the add-in to be removed in Installed add-ins. Simply click on the Uninstall button to remove the add-in. The console will then close. Don’t worry, your add-in is still available for re-installation should you wish.  

Add-ins are what makes the Windows Home Server unique and adaptable for whatever role it plays in your digital life. Remember to check regularly on WGS as new Add-ins are coming out all the time.

Source:→ WGS

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