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Windows Home Server: create a static IP address

If you’re the one using Windows Home Server, you might be interesting to know, “How to create a static IP address for Windows Home Server?” Here’re the steps:

How do I give my WHS Server a Static IP address? This isn’t too difficult a task to perform, but if you dont know how to, I have set out instructions below.

Step One — First of all, on your normal machine, be it Windows Vista, XP or even 95, press the windows key and R. In the text input box, type cmd as shown, then press the enter key

Step Two — A box that looks like this will appear, In it, type ipconfig and again, press enter

Step Three — The black box, will then suddenly fill with information, alot of which you wont understand, but you need to make note of two important pieces of information
These are something called the subnet mask, and the default gateway.

I have made them more noticable to you by circling them with a red ring as you can see, on my machine the subnet mask is This will more than likely (I’m about 99.9% sure) be the same on your machine. If its different, you obviously know enough about networking to be able to set up a static ip address by yourself.

The default gateway however, may not by the same. Mine is, but yours could be or even Make sure you keep a note of it because we will be needing it in a moment.

Step Four — Initiate a remote desktop connection to your server. If you are running windows xp pro or vista ultimate edition, you already have it installed and it can be found in the start menu under accessories and then system tools, If you are not running one of those versions, you will need to download it from Here, once installed, run it and type in your server name and press enter.
You will be presented with a normal log in screen. Type in administrator for the username, and whatever you set as the password, once logged in, you will be able to see the desktop as if you are sitting at the machine

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