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Windows Azure Tools + SDK June 2010 for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.2 – Using IntelliTrace to debug Windows Azure Cloud Services

June 2010 Windows Azure Tools + SDK is the integration of IntelliTrace to allow you to debug issues that occur in the cloud. IntelliTrace support requires .NET 4, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and the cloud service has to be deployed with IntelliTrace enabled. If you’re using a 32-Bit OS, you need this patch/QFE. To enable IntelliTrace, right click on cloud service project and select “Publish”. At the bottom of publish dialog, click to select “Enable IntelliTrace for .NET 4 roles”. You can also configure IntelliTrace for the cloud settings (these are separate from the settings in Tools | Options which’re used for debug (F5) scenario which we currently don’t support with Cloud Services/Development Fabric.

A couple of notes about IntelliTrace settings. “We default to high mode which’s different from F5 IntelliTrace settings in Visual Studio. The reason is that F5 IntelliTrace includes both debugger and IntelliTrace data while in cloud, you’re only able to get back IntelliTrace data. Additionally, we exclude Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient.dll as we found that the slow down caused by IntelliTrace instrumenting resulted in time outs to storage. You may find you’ll want to remove storage client assembly from exclusion list.

To reset IntelliTrace settings back to default, you can delete “collectionplan.xml” from %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\VisualStudio\10.0\Cloud Tools.

Click “OK” to package up everything you need to IntelliTrace the web and worker host processes in the cloud and start the deployment process. Note: There’s a current limitation that child processes cannot be IntelliTrace debugged.


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