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Windows 9 to be Voice-Controlled Only, Microsoft reveals

A Microsoft employee has detailed some of Microsoft’s plans for it’s ~2015 Windows 2009 operating system. The OS will *completely* do away with physical interaction. No more pesky keyboards, mice or dumb monitors; it’s all about speech with Windows 9 and Johan even wrote a bit about his experience with an alpha build currently circulating internally — of which, there’re also plans for an Xbox 360 emulator (basically, a tweaked version of Virtual PC) which’ll also be speech-driven! “After less than 90 minutes of training I was able to open notepad and highlight a section of text which was very exciting. I wasn’t the only one who’d leapt at the opportunity to run the Alpha, so there were quite a lot of us shouting commands at our computers which caused quite a ruckus at times. It was quite impossible to keep a normal conversation over the phone with people shouting “New Paragraph!” and “Dear Mom!” left and right. Still, that’s the price you pay for being an early adopter I guess.”

More info: Did you know Windows 9 will be voice controlled only?


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