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What Is New In Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 8 “Beta” [Videos]

Microsoft today published a series of videos of about Windows 8 Consumer Preview. In the first video below, Tami Reller, cfo and cmo, Windows and Windows Live, talks about the business features of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Video: What Windows 8 Consumer Preview Means for Your Business

Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management for Windows User Experience in the video demos:

  • swiping down from the top of an app in Metro style apps closes the app
  • in the Metro style version of IE10, swiping backwards takes you back page by page (rather than swiping between apps)
  • with a mouse clicking in the top left rotates you through running apps

Video: 8 minute Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

In this video, Christopher Palmer and Gerardo Diaz-Cuellar discuss network isolation and how metro-style apps declare the capabilities required to access network resources. This video covers the networking capabilities and appropriate user scenarios for each, debugging network isolation, and enabling loopback in your apps for development purposes.

Video: Networking Capabilities for Apps in Windows 8

This video is a good six and a half minute primer on what makes a great Metro style app.

  • magazine style RSS reader
  • full featured Twitter client

Video: Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Making great Metro style apps

Kevin Turner during his CeBIT keynote demonstrate how Windows 8 will help your business:

Video: Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Making great Metro style apps

In this video session, we explore how windows 8’s new RemoteFX will leverage Remote desktop technology to the next level ensuring your application is seamless and snappy for end-users. It also discuss the possibilities and importance of Remote Desktop Services in your future networks, discover how RemoteFX nolonger means one single thing but ensures a dynamic moving technology bringing a total experience for Remote Desktop in windows 8 user.

Video: Windows Server 8: Remote Desktop Services with RemoteFX, more than a word!

In this demo, Paul go into the new and enhanced features of Windows 8 Active Directory that make the Active Directory easier to deploy and manage. Easier to deploy e.g. through the support of virtualization and of cloning. Easier to manage with the Active Directory Administrative Center that now enable a Recycle Bin that works for the masses and fine-grained password policies, an updated Active Directory PowerShell and much more.

Video: Discover what’s new in Windows 8 Active Directory

In this session you will look at what’s new, how it works, and how you would use it. Specifically, the video focuses on Hyper-V, High-Availability and Clustering, PowerShell and Server Management as well as some other surprises. Things you will see include how to move from server-core to a full server in a single command, how to perform shared-nothing live migration, and how to reclaim up to 95% of your VHD storage space.

Video: What’s in Windows Server 8 for the ITPro – a demo tour

John Craddock in this session details behind Dynamic Access Control in Windows 8. The session is packed with demos.

Video: Windows 8 Dynamic Access Control

In this video, Ian Lucas talks about Windows Server 8 Manageability enhancements, Server Manager, Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) and some seriously gnarly stuff to do with ISE Powershell enhancements.

Video: Windows Server 8 Manageability and powershell interview with Ian Lucas

In this interview, Jeff Woolsey talk shop about all the updates and changes to everything Hyper-V.

Video: Windows Server 8 interview with Jeff Woolsey about Hyper-V and Beyond Virtualization

In this interview, Thomas Pfenning talks about Windows Server 8 Storage Enhancements, architectural changes and some very cool high availability options for Hyper-V and SQL workloads for business organizations of all sizes.

Video: Windows Server 8 Storage changes interview with Thomas Pfenning

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