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Windows 8 Isn’t Yet 100% Ready for Release, Says Intel Chief; Printing Experience Explained; 2,000-plus Windows Store Apps Now Available!

Microsoft is releasing Windows 8 on October 26th before the operating system is even 100% ready, said Intel’s Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini during a company event in Taiwan.

According Otellini, “Windows 8 still needs improvements and Microsoft will make these improvements after Windows 8 ships. This is all a plan to get Windows 8 out to the market during the holiday season to compete with Apple’s iPad. Once the operating system is released, Microsoft can always release an update to fix things up. Whether this is the case or Intel’s CEO is on one, only time will tell. Windows 8 is expected to officially launch October 26th,” he said.

Microsoft, predictably, isn’t conceding anything. A company spokesperson sent the official statement about Otellini’s alleged remarks:

“With over 16 million active preview participants, Windows 8 is the most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history. We’re looking forward to making Windows 8 available to the world on October 26th.”

In other Windows 8 news, Microsoft gave an overview of the user experience and the developer platform of printing in Windows 8. The post also describe how you can tailor the user experience in a way that meets your app’s requirements.

“Printing in Windows 8 is contextual to the app supporting print. An app supports printing by registering for the print contract. You decide when your app supports printing and when it doesn’t. Not all apps have something to print,” Microsoft stated.

For example, “if you are developing a game, you may decide that it won’t need to print. But if you are working on an airline app, being able to print a boarding pass is likely an important part of the check-in process. While it’s up to you to decide if and when to print from your app, you must consider your customer’s expectations. If your customer expects your app to print, we recommend you support printing from your app,” explains Microsoft.

To print in Windows 8, “you swipe from the right-side of the screen to see the charms.”

“If an app supports printing, you will see all the printers installed on your computer when you tap on the Devices charm. When you select the printer to which you want to print, you’ll see the print window as shown below.”

“The print contract gives you flexibility in deciding what to print from your app and how the output looks like, while enabling your users to always print the same way from every app in Windows 8. You can print using the default experience, or customize the print experience as much as your app needs, and you always have the flexibility to control the information that your app prints,” Microsoft adds.

Windows 8 Print Flow

You can check out the resource below to get started:



Print contract sample


Registering for print contract in HTML/JavaScript


Registering for print contract in XAML


Reference for Windows.Graphics.Printing namespace


Reference for Windows.Graphics.Printing.OptionDetails namespace


A month before Windows 8 and Windows RT are set to launch, Microsoft now currently has over 2,000 apps in the Windows Store.

As of September 24, “there were 2,188 Windows Store applications available internationally, with 1,593 of those available in the U.S.,” according to Directions on Microsoft Vice President of Research Wes Miller.

Microsoft fully opened the Windows Store for app submission globally as of September 11. He said, he is monitoring the Windows Store total using publicly available information. Microsoft is not providing app counts to him or to others publicly.

There are approximately 150 apps that are available for x86/x64 machines and not ARM, Miller said. The total is up from about 530 apps available in the Windows Store as of mid-August, he said. There are “about 60 to 120 apps being added to the store daily,” added Miller.

Of the global apps, Miller has found, “84 percent listed were free.” According, to Miller, “Games and Entertainment are still the leading categories, though productivity is showing considerable games.”

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