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Windows 7 Solid State Drives (SSDs) gets TRIM for faster performance

While Windows 7 supports Solid State Drives (SSD), there’s a speed increasing feature that hasn’t been leveraged yet. But now Corsair Memory and OCZ Technology Group, have issued firmware updates to add a feature called “TRIM” to boost the performance of SSDs on Windows 7. Once installed, Windows 7 also disables ReadyBoost, Superfetch, and Disk Defrag, which are better used for speed increases on platter hard drives. The problem with SSD’s is that overtime their performance degrades. That’s because unlike a traditional hard drive, when you delete data from an SSD, the contents in the cells aren’t truly deleted, but are rather marked as being disposable and can be overwritten. So when new data is written, the old data had to be physically deleted first. As a result the drive would take longer to write data. This “TRIM” update prevents this from occurring. When you delete data, it actually deletes it and frees up the cells for immediate data writes. This is done when the drive is not otherwise in use. It’s one of the many features that Microsoft were working on under the hood of Windows 7.


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