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Windows 7 Multi-touch: A look at N-Trig’s DuoSense

While most of you are certainly familiar with such technology existing in Apple’s iPhone and Microsoft’s Surface, it’s time to learn exactly how this technology works – specifically in regards to Windows 7. It’s called DuoSense™ and it belongs to N-Trig; an Israeli-based company founded in 1999 with locations in multiple countries. With that in mind, I’ve decided to take to a Q&A approach to this end all, be all write-up of DuoSense.

Q: What is DuoSense™?

A: DuoSense™ is a single dual-mode digitizer that provides a solution for combining both stylus and touch (including multi-touch) input capabilities. Using a stylus will provide the same amount of (limited) usability as it always has while the touch functionality pushes computing interactions into a more natural realm (promoting NUE).

Q: What the hell is a “single dual-mode digitizer,” and more importantly, will it make my breakfast for me?

A: First of all, no, it will not make your breakfast for you, but Rafael Rivera Jr. would be glad to. Click his name, grab his email address and send him an email telling him to make your breakfast for you. That aside, “single dual-mode digitizer” basically translates to “one (single) thing (digitizer) that accepts 2 forms of input (touch/multi-touch and stylus)”. N-trig’s digitizer sits on top of an LCD screen. You can visualize this by imagining you’re building a laptop and want to install one of N-trig’s digitizers. You would have your laptop shell, your LCD screen, and then your N-trig digitizer. Here is a graphical representation of this scenario (and yes, that is Windows 7’s new GUI you can barely make out there on the desktop)[…]

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