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Windows 7 Gets An Unofficial Blog

Long has digg another great finding called Shipping Seven, that’s described as “random thoughts from somebody working on the next Windows OS”. Which adds to already exisiting so many insightful anonymous bloggers like Mini-Microsoft, MSFTextrememakeover and Fake Steve Jobs.

So turns out that one of the folks working on Windows Seven team needed an outlet to generally vent and talk about things on their mind and started a blog called “Shipping Seven” on blogger.  Maybe he/she can’t take the utter silence coming out of Redmond any more than we can.

Here’s a few excerpts:

How simple things help: For Vista, we didn’t have a central spec repository – all PM, dev and test documents were scattered around on a huge number of servers around campus.

For Windows 7, we have a central spec repository on one new Sharepoint server. A spec repository where you can edit files offline. You can even sync the whole thing for offline reading, which means you can spend an evening perusing the entire Windows 7 feature set*.

(Note to self: Set up Bitlocker on laptop.)

The upside of all this is that my job is now much, much easier, and I can do it much faster. (Figuring out, for example, if the networking changes in Windows 7 will screw up my feature is now only a couple of clicks away. Awesome.)

*I’m not going to blog about unannounced features yet…but rest assured, Windows 7 will be filled with awesomeness. And there’s no bullshit new feature like Windows Flip 3D in there at all.

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