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Windows 7 and Vista DirectX Whitepapers and Sample Applications

Microsoft released two DirectX whitepapers and sample application, that help developers use multiple APIs to render to the same surface in an application designed for Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating systems.

  • Surface Sharing Support for Windows Graphics Applications incude Windows graphics APIs: Direct3D 11, Direct2D, Direct3D 10, and Direct3D 9Ex. Interoperability support explained applies to both Windows 7 and Windows Client Platform Update for Vista. Best practice guidelines and pointers to additional resources’re available in this whitepaper. Sample app for synchronized shared surface support is available here. Sample app using shared surface queue helper utility’s available here.
  • Windows 7 Direct3D9Ex Presentation Improvements for Video Applications: Flip Mode Present and its associated Present Statistics in Direct3D 9Ex and Desktop Window Manager were added in Windows 7 to allow apps to reduce system resource load when DWM is enabled. Present Statistics enhancements associated with Flip Mode Present enable Direct3D 9Ex applications to better control rate of presentation by providing real-time feedback and correction mechanisms. Detailed explanations and pointers to sample resources’re included in this whitepaper. Sample application using Direct3D9Ex Flip Mode Present and its Present Statisics is available here.”
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