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Windows 10 Build 16215 Fluent Designed Start & Action Center, Shopping Tips with Cortana, Edge

Microsoft has just published the latest Insider Preview Build 16215 of Windows 10 for PC and Mobile to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, along with lots of improvements and features that include:

A revamped Start & Action Center, sporting Fluent Design brings in improvements such as acrylic among others, and can be customize by going to Settings -> System -> Notifications & actions. Other improvements include:

  • Vertical resize: No more glitches at the bottom of the frame.
  • Horizontal resize: The frame now starts resizing horizontally immediately (like vertical resize), as opposed to only “snapping” to certain widths.
  • Diagonal resize: The frame can be resized diagonally!
  • Resize grips: It’s now easier to “grip” the edge of the frame to start resizing.
  • Tablet mode transition: Smoother transition into tablet mode.
Fluent Designed Action Center
Fluent Designed Action Center

Microsoft Edge now allow Pinning favorite websites to taskbar by selecting “Pin this page to the taskbar” from the settings menu in Edge, the sites’ icon represents the pinned site in taskbar.

Full screen mode i.e. F11 or choose new Full Screen icon in Settings menu to switch Microsoft Edge, and pressing again F11, or by clicking Restore icon in the top-right corner.

Pin sites to taskbar with Microsoft Edge
Pin sites to taskbar with Microsoft Edge

You can now annotate EPUB books in Edge by highlighting in four colors, underlining, and adding comments.

  • To get started, select some text, and choose an option from the menu.
  • To add notes as you read, select text, tap or click the Add a note button and add your note.
  • To edit or delete your note, click the Edit your note button.

PDF improvements in Edge now adds more highlight colors and an option to Ask Cortana in PDFs in Microsoft Edge, other improvements such as:

  • splash page, seen when newly launched so that the color transitions more smoothly to Start and New Tab pages.
  • Microsoft Edge app can now be close directly using close button, even when a JavaScript dialog is showing.
  • option to “Add tabs to favorites” from right-click context menu on tabs will create a Favorites folder with all sites open in tabs in the current window.
  • New tabs’ animate now more smoothly onto the tab bar when opened and closed.
  • improved session restore behavior so that when a multi-window Microsoft Edge session is restored by clicking on a link, the window in focus at the end of restoration is the one containing the new link.
Annotate EPUB Books in Microsoft Edge
Annotate EPUB Books in Microsoft Edge

Taking Cortana to next level, Microsoft rolls out two new features starting with en-us market, include: when permitted, Cortana will prompt to create a reminder, when a picture of a flier for an upcoming event is taken. The feature works only on power mode and on an un-metered network.

Just sign into Cortana with MSA or work account, next give Cortana permission to access camera roll via Settings -> Cortana -> Permissions & history -> “Manage the information Cortana can access from this device.”

Cortana Lasso, keeps track of all future events on screen — just circly around the relevant inforamtion using new lasso tool and Cortana now recognize time, offer suggested follow-ups through a context menu. The feature require pen to support Press and Hold to work.

Go to Settings -> Device -> Pen & Windows Ink -> Press and hold, and select Cortana Lasso in dropdown picker.

Cortana camera roll insights and Lasso tool
Cortana camera roll insights and Lasso tool

Microsoft has also released a new pilot feature to Microsoft Edge and Cortana that helps to save time and money by finding the best prices on various products and availability of similar products.

Here’s how it works: When you visit the site of a supported retailer and view a product, Cortana will alert you if the same product is available at a lower price from other retailers. Once you click on the Cortana icon, that information will be displayed in the same window.

The feature currently supports 14 U.S. retailers including Amazon, Walmart and eBay, with more coming in the months ahead.

shopping tips with Cortana in Microsoft Edge
shopping tips with Cortana in Microsoft Edge

A new XAML-based handwriting panel with more gestures, easier editing, emoji, and more introduced as well now include:

New Conversion and overflow in Handwriting panel
New Conversion and overflow in Handwriting panel
  • new conversion & overflow model, as you write will now show previous words convert to typed text within handwriting panel. And, when handwriting panel is filled and pen is lifted off screen, the text will shift for more room to continue writing. Pressing the commit button insert all the text and clear the slate.
  • when a text is selected in handwriting panel, it’ll now appear within the panel for making alterations.
  • instead of using suggested text alternate, a new option now let you just ink correct letters right on top of the converted text!
  • Make corrections using ink gestures like strikethrough, scratch, join, and split for edits from within handwriting panel once words are converted to type, or if you’ve selected existing text.
  • easier access to emoji and symbols using new buttons in handwriting panel.
  • a new setting in Pen & Windows Ink Settings so finger inking needs to be explicitly enabled will avoid inadvertent ink being drawn on.
  • handwriting panel now float by default — to change modes, tap new keyboard settings menu button in top left corner of the keyboard.
  • Improved handwriting recognition for English (United States) improve its accuracy.
  • an English mode button for Simplified Chinese handwriting can be enabled by pressing a button, ink desired English words, and the inking done in English mode will be recognized using English (United States) handwriting recognition engine. After inking in English is finished, pressing English mode button again takes you back to default mode.

Find My Pen when enabled in Settings -> Update & Security -> “Find My Device” show “where you were when you last inked on your computer.” Other Pen interaction improvements include:

Scroll content directly with pen creates more intuitive pen interaction on Windows.

Selection with pen gets more control over like showing selection grippers whenever text is selected via pen, but also allows consistent and fast content selection like text, objects, or ink, by dragging the pen while barrel button is pressed. It currently only support UWP apps, however, Win32 support will add as well like File Explorer.

Find my Pen
Find My Pen

Also, added is a new Emoji Panel, jsut press Win + period (.) or Win + semicolon (;) while focus is in a text box to bring it up and scroll through and pick the emoji.

In “People” emoji category, change the skin tone of emoji by clicking the button on top-right.

In addition to using mouse, you can now navigate through the panel to select an emoji, use the following keys: “Arrow keys – Navigate among emoji, Tab / Shift + Tab – Switch emoji category, Enter – Select an emoji, Esc – Close the panel.”

Shell improvements includes a new option in the Share UI to copy link to clipboard for pasting it into your app of choice.

Now right after a storage scan, relevant local media folders are now detected to include in collection via UWP apps — “add a new folder with 30+ pictures, songs, or videos to desktop, then go to Storage Settings and press refresh button to trigger a scan.”

This release also brings improvements to Settings such as:

  • Head to Settings -> Personalization -> Video Playback for additional media controls, along with some battery settings to optimize video streaming for battery usage or video quality.
  • A new HDR and advanced color settings via Settings -> System -> Display -> “HDR and advanced color settings.”
  • Per-app defaults settings can be set via Settings -> Apps -> Default apps -> “Set defaults by App”. Just choose an app and click ‘Manage’ to see all file types and protocol associations for which the app is the default.
  • Network connection properties page updates now adds two new radio buttons to select whether the profile should be public or private — instead of a previous toggle under “Make this PC discoverable.”
  • Additionally, a new Wi-Fi networks context menu in View Available Networks flyout with quick options include Connect, Disconnect, View Properties, or Forget Network.
  • You can now add other AAD work/school users from Settings.
  • adjusted order of Settings categories, makes new Cortana category now more central, and Windows Update category is placed at last.
  • moving or uninstalling an app from Apps & Features Settings page, will show a progress bar.

Windows Updates page now shows a new page when there are group policies applied, as well as a list of all individual update status and progress in Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update.

Other improvements including:

  • Per app Runtime Broker processes for UWP apps are now appear in Task Manager.
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) now let you run Bash & Linux tools on Windows without developer mode being enabled.
  • Hyper-V gets virtual battery support, just create a new VM using “New-VM” cmdlet, and add “-Prerelease” flag. This will give you a pre-release VM that will have this feature enabled.
  • Registry Editor is now per-monitor DPI aware, meaning it won’t be blurry when used in mixed DPI environments, or when changing DPI.
  • In the Narrator improvements, Scan Mode is now on by default, and thus the popup dialog is removed.
  • Up and down arrow keys get you through everything.
  • Press Space to interact with simple controls such as buttons, checkboxes, toggle buttons etc.
  • Editbox Switching: If you navigate to an edit field using the up and down arrows, Narrator will automatically turn off Scan Mode so that you can type into the edit field. When you are ready to exit the edit field you can use the up and down arrows to exit the edit field and Narrator will turn scan mode back on.
  • Turn off Scan Mode with Caps + Space: If you want to turn off scan mode, and want to get back to the old way of doing things, press Caps + Space. It will be turned off for that app and you will hear “Off”.
  • Remembering the state of scan mode by application: If you explicitly turn off scan mode, by pressing Caps + Space in an application, this choice will be saved in an exceptions list so that when you reopen the application Scan Mode is off. To remove this application from the exceptions list you can press Caps + Space again
  • Left and Right Arrow to move by character: Left and right arrows will move you by character
  • Narrator input learning can be turned on of off with Caps + 1, allows to learn the device keys. New and improved hotkeys:
  • press Caps + R to read from where you currently are.
  • Caps + Home to jump to beginning of an application, and to jump to the end press Caps + End.
  • Caps + W will now read both the controls in the window and the text.
  • Narrator Getting Started User Guide can be acces through a new button in the main Narrator UI.
  • Narrator users can type and read using different braille translations, choose a blinking cursor representation, and choose duration of “flash messages”. You can also now perform braille input for app shortcuts and modifier keys, which enables you to use your braille display for common tasks such as:
  • Pressing the Tab key
  • Pressing the Escape key
  • Pressing the Windows key
  • Pressing sequences like Win + U to open Ease of Access Settings
  • Pressing sequences like Alt + F to open the file menu
  • Pressing sequences like Ctrl + S to save
  • Pressing sequences like Ctrl + Alt + N
  • Here’s a list of example commands (Braille dots = Keyboard input):
  • Space + dot4 + dot5 = Tab key (Tab key)
  • Space + dot1 + dot2 = Shift + Tab key (Set skipping of blank braille windows on/off)
  • Space + dot2 + dot3 + dot4 + dot5 = Alt + Tab key (Set track screen cursor on/off)
  • Space + dot2 + dot4 + dot5 + dot6 = Windows key (Set sliding braille windows on/off)
  • Space + dot1 + dot2 + dot3 + dot5 = Windows + Tab key (Set autorepeat on/off)
  • Space + Routing Key 1 – 12 = F1 – F12 keys
  • Dot7 = Backspace key
  • Dot8 = Enter key
  • Space + dot2 + dot6 = Escape key
  • Space + dot3 = Cursor left key
  • Space + dot6 = Cursor right key
  • Space + dot1 = Cursor up key
  • Space + dot4 = Cursor down key
  • Space + dot2 + dot3 = Page up key
  • Space + dot5 + dot6 = Page down key
  • Space + dot2 = Home key
  • Space + dot5 = End key
  • Space + dot3 + dot5 = Insert key
  • Space + dot2 + dot5 + dot6 = Delete key
  • Inject and hold one or more modifier keys followed by another letter or key:
  • Space + dot8 + dot1 = Hold Windows key
  • Space + dot8 + dot2 = Hold Alt key
  • Space + dot8 + dot3 = Hold Ctrl key
  • Space + dot8 + dot4 = Hold Shift key
  • Space + dot8 + dot5 = Hold AltGr key
  • Space + dot8 + dot6 = Hold Caps Lock key
  • Space + dot8 + dot7 = Un-hold all modifiers
  • Windows 10 now includes color filters at the system level, including filters designed to make it easier for people with color blindness to differentiate between colors. You can find these under Settings -> Ease of Access -> “Color and High Contrast” (previously called High Contrast Settings).
  • A new XAML-based touch keyboard now includes many popular requested features such as: enhanced text prediction, improved emoji experience, one-handed touch keyboard, shape writing with one-handed touch keyboard.
  • Improved touch keyboard with emojis
    Improved touch keyboard with emojis
  • A new touch keyboard settings panel for all layouts including: Default, One-handed, Handwriting, Full and modes like Docked, Floating, as well as a shortcut for jumping to language settings — can be acces via a new menu icon at top left corner of the touch keyboard.
  • Dictation on the Desktop can be turn on or off with a tap on microphone button in the top left corner of touch keyboard or handwriting panel, or pressing new dictation hotkey Win + H. Besides dictating text, you can also use voice commands to do basic editing or to input punctuations. Below are some examples of English dictation voice commands:
    • Say “press backspace” to inject a backspace character
    • Say “clear selection” to unselect the text that has been selected
    • Say “press delete” to inject a delete keystroke
    • Say “delete that” to delete the most recent speech recognition results, or the currently selected text
    • Say “delete last three words” to delete the last three words
    • Say “stop dictating” to terminate the dictation session
    • Say “end spelling” to terminate spelling mode
    • Say “go after <word or phrase>” to move the cursor to the first character after the specified word or phrase
    • Say “go to the end of paragraph” to move the cursor to the end of the paragraph
    • Say “move back to the previous word” to move the cursor to the left side of the previous word
    • Say “go to start of <word or phrase>” to move the cursor to the first character before the specified word or phrase
    • Say “go to the start of paragraph” to move the insertion point to the start of paragraph
    • Say “go down to next sentence” to move the cursor forward to next sentence
    • Say “go to the end of the sentence” to move the insertion point to the end of the sentence
    • Say “move to the start of the word” to move the insertion point to the start of the word
    • Say “go to the left” to inject a left arrow into input
    • Say “move right” to inject a right arrow into input
    • Say “select <word or phrase>” to select the specific word or phrase
    • Say “select that” to select the most recent speech recognition result
    • Say “select next three words” to select the next three words
    • Say “start spelling” to switch to spelling mode
    • Say “comma” (or “period”, “question mark” etc.) to input the punctuation “,” (or “.”, “?”, etc.)
  • My People Improvements:
    • We fixed an issue where the icons of contacts pinned to the taskbar would appear cut off when using small taskbar icons.
    • We’ve updated our logic so that if you have the My People flyout open, you can now drop a file onto any of the contacts pinned in the overflow area to initiate a share with them.
    • We’re updated the sound made when you receive an emoji from one of the contacts pinned to the People bar in the taskbar.
    • We improved My People reliability and fixed an issue where hit testing would become offset after adding or removing items from the systray.
  • Night light improvements including:
    • We fixed an issue where mirroring a display and then disconnecting from it would break night light on that screen.
    • We fixed an issue where when night light had been manually enabled, and the device entered then exited S3 sleep, night could then become disabled.
    • As a result of your feedback, we’ve updated our logic to now use a quick transition into night flight if applicable after rebooting or manually enabling night light.
  • Game bar improvements:
    • Based on your feedback, the Game bar (Win + G) now has a button to enable or disable Game Mode for the current game. Its icon will be updated soon in a future flight.
    • The Game bar (Win + G) now allows you to take screenshots of games running in HDR. Sharing those screenshots to Xbox Live using the Xbox app will come in a future update of the app. Note: broadcasting does not support HDR. Screenshots will be taken in the resolution of the game window, which enables the 4K screenshots that are now supported. Game Clips and broadcasts will be transcoded to 1080p if the resolution is higher than that.
    • Screenshots of games running in HDR should now correctly save a copy in PNG that is tone mapped to SDR.
    • Bitrate changes during game broadcasting to Mixer should now be smoother and more seamless.
    • When broadcasting to Mixer, you can now specify the language that you are speaking during the broadcast.
    • The resources made available to games running in Game Mode have been tweaked on popular machine configs, including 6 and 8 core CPU machines, resulting in improved game performance for games running in Game Mode.

    See Full changelog under:

    Changes, improvements, and fixes for PC

    • Language Packs via Settings > Time & language > Region & language are available again starting with this build.
    • The issue causing updating to the latest builds to get stuck at 12% should be fixed. If you still hit this, please send us feedback in Feedback Hub so the team can investigate.
    • We fixed the issue causing you to be unable to type in your password to log in to any UWP apps such as Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Messenger apps.
    • We fixed the issue causing Outlook 2016 to hang on launch due to an issue where the spam filter gets stuck reading the Outlook Data File and the UI waits indefinitely for it to return.
    • We fixed an issue from the previous flight where Microsoft Edge would crash when enabling or disabling extensions.
    • We’ve removed the power option to “update and shutdown” for now as it wasn’t working.
    • You may see Recovery Drive tool show up under “Recently added” on Start after updating to this build. We have made a change that makes the tool, previously only accessible via Control Panel, to now be available in the Windows Administrative Tools folder in Start.
    • We fixed an issue where an unexpected Wireless Display Media Viewer app with a blank icon was visible in Start after upgrading on certain devices.
    • We’ve made some improvements to our facial recognition, along with a new toast you’ll see prompting you to further train Windows Hello if having issues signing in when a large amount of backlighting detected.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in Windows Hello Face failing to work on the previous flight for a large number of non-English languages.
    • We fixed an issue resulting in games such as Civilization VI, Galactic Civilizations III, and Expeditions: Viking failing to launch on recent builds.
    • We fixed an issue where inbox UWP app icons were overscaled in Cortana search results.
    • We’ve heard your feedback, and have adjusted the text in our prompt to initiate cross device notifications from saying “Trust this PC?” to now say “You got a message on your phone. Want to see phone messages on this PC too?”.
    • We fixed the issue causing some people to hit Error 0x8000ffff while trying to launch an isolated Edge session in Windows Defender Application Guard.

    Known issues for PC

    • Features that are delivered on-demand from Windows Update such as Developer Mode, .NET 3.5, and Speech Packs will not be available for this build. If you are a developer and require Developer Mode – please ensure it is enabled BEFORE taking this build.
    • On some PCs with enterprise configurations, you may not be able to open PDFs in Microsoft Edge on this build. As a workaround, you can download PDFs and open them with a third party reader or the Reader app from Windows Store.
    • Microsoft Edge may load web pages at the wrong scale factor (highly zoomed in) on some devices with high density displays. As a workaround. switching to another tab and back should resolve this problem.
    • Some PDFs may open in a cropped view (zoomed in) in Microsoft Edge, and part of the content may be inaccessible to the user. Additionally, input to these PDFs may be offset to the wrong location on screen. As a workaround, you can download PDFs and open them with a third party reader or the Reader app from Windows Store.
    • After upgrading, inbox apps that are the same version on the downlevel OS and uplevel OS will disappear from Start. If you are impacted by this, please go to Settings > Apps > Apps & Features, select the impacted app, tap “advanced options”, click reset, and that should fix it.
    • We’ve made a fix to address your feedback that PDFs aren’t opening in Microsoft Edge. This will resolve the issue for most Insiders, however we’re still investigating one issue specific to those with Windows Information Protection (EDP) enabled. We’re working to address this as soon as possible in an upcoming flight.
    • New Windows Mixed Reality developers need to install build 16193 or the Windows 10 Creators Update (Build 14939), plug in the Windows Mixed Reality headset and set up Mixed Reality, then upgrade to the latest FAST build for the best development experience. If you update to Build 16215 without setting up Mixed Reality, you will not be able to download Mixed Reality software.
    • You will end up with multiple copies of each printer after upgrading. Only the copy with the highest number will work.
    • Wi-Fi will get turned off on certain devices like the Surface Pro 1 and Surface Pro 2 and some USB devices and won’t work due to a driver issue. To get Wi-Fi working again, you will have to roll-back to the previous build.
    • If you’re using a Chinese IME and try to type in Cortana, it will hang Cortana and not work.
    • Some UWP apps such as Twitter will crash on launch.
    • After updating to this build, Microsoft Text Input Application might appear on your All apps list and when you try to open it, it opens as a blank window.
    • The mini surveys we call SIUFs from Feedback Hub will not work on this build but please send us feedback as you normally would for this build!
    • ADDED 6/9: Any external monitor connected to a DisplayLink dock will not work. You will likely just see a static logon screen. Your local display should continue to work as normal.
    • ADDED 6/9: Some Insiders have reported having their installation of this build getting stuck or hung at around 33%. If this happens to you, you will need to restart your PC and have it rollback to Build 16199 and wait for the next build with a fix.

    Changes, improvements, and fixes for Mobile

    • This build also includes all the improvements from KB4016871 and KB4020102.
    • The copyright date is correctly showing 2017 now under Settings > System > About.
    • We fixed an issue where WhatsApp would not launch after updating to the latest Mobile builds.
    • We fixed an issue with using the Japanese 12 Key soft keyboard where the “right arrow” key did not input a space
    • We fixed an issue with the Bulgarian keyboard localization for the HP Lap Dock in Continuum.
    • We have further improved the reliability of notifications for apps with a paired Bluetooth device, such as Fitbit.
    • Improved the Time & Language settings page UX for Speech and Keyboard language downloads. Previously, the status would show “Downloading” for speech and “Installing” for keyboard. Unless, the user tapped on the language or navigated to the Update & Security settings page, there was no indication that a restart is required to complete the installation. Now when the update reaches the reboot pending state, a “Restart Required” is displayed under the language.
    • We fixed several enterprise device management issues.
    • We fixed an issue where notifications and Cortana’s cross-devices settings on your device were not being mirrored to your PC.
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