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Wii Fashion Show

All right, just stop everything you’re doing and listen to this. We’ve heard of Wii hosted parties, we’ve heard of cops playing games on their watch and we’ve even heard about a contest with prizes consisting of gaming systems that got  a woman killed, but looking fashionable while playing on your console beats them all. Apparently, some play Wii Sports much better or more inspiring when equipped with the appropriate gear for the game they’re playing.

Come on now, can’t everyone just play the damned games the normal way? How about that disgusting video with the couch potato holding the Wiimote between his toes? In some strange way, that video made it to YouTube fans’ hearts because it was kind of funny but if we think about it, some people really are that lazy and don’t even bother to pause the game while they’re eating stale pizza.

So, back to our subject. What possible improvement (except maybe moral) could wearing sports gear during gameplay bring? What, don’t tell me, if you wear a baseball glove on your right hand and hold the wiimote in the left, while playing MLB 2K7, your catch will improve because you’ll feel more prepared and confident having the glove on, right?

Of course there’s always going to be an idiot who takes ideas like this seriously and will probably wear his dad’s football boots, while playing Mario Strikers Charged thus putting an end to his father’s misery of having to polish the floor all the time. No need to make any more comments, I’m sure that you’re finding this as ridiculous as I am so let’s just hope that these stupid ideas related to Nintendo’s Wii pass faster than a nuclear winter.


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