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Why Windows XP should remain live until Windows 7

As the world’s most prominent operating system, Windows has dominated the tech industry for well over a decade and its competitors – Mac OS X and Linux – have failed to gain the kind of penetration Microsoft has.

But ever since the days of Windows 98, we have been forced to deal with a slew of Windows issues that have plagued individuals and companies alike. Instead of being the highly intuitive operating system Mac OS X is, Windows became bloated and difficult to use. Instead of offering sound functionality and customizability like Linux, Windows became quite the opposite.

To make matters worse, malicious hackers and spammers started developing a slew of attacks that proved deadly to Windows systems. Responding too late, Microsoft has allowed the security issue to become such a concern that some have migrated to other operating systems. And who can blame them? With Microsoft doing very little to protect them, the decision seemed quite simple.

But for all of its issues, Windows XP was still a relatively reliable operating system after Service Pack 2 was released. Once installed, SP2 offered the kind of functionality and security that we had hoped for and although there were still security concerns, the operating system worked much better than any of its predecessors and finally made sense for businesses and individuals alike.

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