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Why Windows products moving to Apple MacOS?

Although you can run Windows applications on Apple‘s Leopard anyway, many vendors at Macworld are debuting Mac OS editions of products originally designed for Windows.

This, in spite of the vaunted Windows/Mac cross-platform capabilities of Apple’s new Leopard operating system. And regardless of Mac fans’ claims of relative security versus Windows, some of the new products for Mac OS are geared toward virus protection and Web filtering.

Some vendors well known in the Windows space, ranging from security giant McAfee to network attached storage (NAS) specialist NetGear, are exhibiting at Macworld this year for the first time ever.

At the same time, Blue Coat Systems is releasing the beta edition of K9 Web Protection, a Mac OS edition of its security-oriented Web filtering software for Windows-based home PCs. Blue Coat also produces enterprise Web filtering software for government agencies and large businesses.

Meanwhile, label and business card printing maven Avery is using this year’s Macworld as the launchpad for a Mac version of DesignPro, constituting that company’s first stand-alone software for Mac OS 24 years after the first Macintosh was introduced.

That great app you’ve loved for Windows for years, now for Mac OS!

Vendors today have been porting Windows products to Mac OS for many years on end, and the same phenomenon has also happened in reverse — particularly back in the 1990s, when design divisions within large businesses were adopting Windows in droves.

But migration from Windows to Mac OS does seem particularly evident this year, particularly with big names showing up at Macworld for the very first time. Some analysts agree that the trend is especially interesting at a time when running Windows applications on Apple hardware has probably never been easier.

If you want to run a Windows app on one of the new MacBook Air laptops, or any other Apple hardware outfitted with the latest edition of Mac OS, all you have to do is boot up into Windows.

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