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Welcome to “Building Windows 8” Or “B8” Blog – Over 400M Windows 7 Licenses Sold

Microsoft launched a new “Bulding Windows 8” blog today as of August 15 with an introductory post by Windows President Steven Sinofsky.

This long Sinofsky blog post, does not much reveal much about the Windows 8 that Windows watcher would consider to be “news.” Sinofsky said that “Windows 8 reimagines Windows. That’s a big statement and one that we will return to throughout this blog. It is also important to know that we’re 100% committed to running the software and supporting the hardware that is compatible with “over 400 million Windows 7 licenses already sold and all the Windows 7 yet to be sold“.”

The post stressed that the purpose of the blog isn’t about generating traffic, building excitement or “causing strategic confusion among the tens of thousands” of individuals invested in the future of Windows. Instead, “this blog is here to provide a two-way dialog about the complexities and tradeoffs of product development.”

“Building the next release of Microsoft Windows is an industry-wide effort that Microsoft approaches with a strong sense of responsibility and humility. Windows 8 reimagines Windows for a new generation of computing devices, and will be the very best operating system for hundreds of millions of PCs, new and old, used by well over a billion people globally,” Sinofsky said.

Sinofsky, also said that there will be a beta of Windows 8 in the “coming months”. The blog post talks about what to expect from Microsoft over the next few weeks as they prepare for BUILD and post BUILD blog posts.

The post also responded to criticism about how quiet they have been so far with features for Windows 8. In a nut shell, Sinofsky said that they have learned from past mistakes about unveiling features too early and not delivering. He states:

We’ve heard people express frustration over how little we’ve communicated so far about Windows 8. We’ve certainly learned lessons over the years about the perils of talking about features before we have a solid understanding of our ability to execute.

Sinofsky described the purpose of the blog

We’ve been hard at work designing and building Windows 8, and today we want to begin an open dialog with those of you who will be trying out the pre-release version over the coming months. We intend to post regularly throughout the development of Windows 8, and to focus on the engineering of the product. Welcome to “Building Windows 8,” or as we call it, “B8.”

So much has changed since Windows 95–the last time Windows was significantly overhauled–when the “desktop” metaphor was established. Today more than two out of three PCs are mobile (laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets, slates, convertibles, etc.). Nearly every PC is capable of wireless connectivity. Screen sizes ranhttp://htmlcompressor.com/compressor.html#resultge from under 10-inch to wall-sized screens and multiple HD screens. Storage has jumped from megabytes to terabytes and has moved up to the cloud. The appearance of touch-screen mobile phones with the rich capabilities they bring, have together changed the way we all view computing. Most of all, computing is much more focused on applications and on people than on the operating system itself or the data. These changes in the landscape motivate the most significant changes to Windows, from the chips to the experience.


There is so much packed into Windows 8 and there are so many unique and important lenses through which to view Windows 8, and so we want to be sure to take the time to cover as many of these topics as possible, to build up a shared understanding of why we’ve taken Windows where we have. So in the next weeks we will just start talking specifics of features, since there is no obvious place to start given the varying perspectives. From fundamentals, to user interface, to hardware support, and more, if something is important to you, we promise we’ll get to it in some form or another.

Microsoft also launched a new twitter handle (@BuildWindows8) to go along with the new blog.

[Source: Building Windows 8]

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