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“weinre” Brings Remote Debugging of Mobile HTML5 Page to IE, Firefox

Are you an HTML5 mobile developers—then read on, the remote DOM inspector tool weinre (or (WEb INspector REmote) is no longer restricted to Webkit-based browsers and can be used with Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox, to debug your mobile HTML5 page remotely.

For HTML5 developers wrapping web code into native applications with tools such as Apache Cordova (PhoneGap), “this tool is a great addition to the native development tools that willn’t allow to do DOM inspection on the HTML5 content that’s encapsulated in their native apps with Apache Cordova,” writes MS Open Tech. “Using weinre, they can now test the HTML5 part of their apps in a real environment, no longer “simulating” actual devices with desktop web browsers,” the blog adds.

For those not aware, “”Weinre (WEb INspector REmote)” is a debugging tool addressing the challenge of testing and troubleshooting web pages on mobile devices. It is part of the Apache Cordova projects and intends to help developers debugging their mobile web page or Cordova-based mobile apps on actual device. It allows doing DOM inspection remotely and generally makes it way easier to validate that an HTML5 page will render and behave properly on actual devices.”

To get started with weinre, visit the weinre Apache project page, and or the hort video demo of weinre used to debug an HTML5-based application on Windows Phone 8 embedded below:

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