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WebKit public and Opera internal builds passes Acid 3

Another great step forward for the Internet community. Two of the underdogs in the browser world, Webkit which is used for Safari, many new mobile devices, is part of QT4 and has a GTK port available and Opera which is an alternative browser for all platforms and is used on the Wii have passed the Acid 3 test.

Acid 3 and Acid 2 were tests designed to tests several parts of the browser, in how they handle rendering of CSS for the latter, and how they handle JavaScript and SVG animations for the former. These tests use edge cases in the standards to try and trip browsers up, and cause them to fail. This failing was meant to get browsers to become more aware of the standards. This helps web developers tremendously who are planning to make new web sites. No more need to come up with a work around to fix something that is broken in the rendering of the browser.

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