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Wave 4: Windows Live Profile ‘LinkedIn will be connected service, display names to go away, and more pivacy control’

Omar Shahine posted about the new Windows Live Profile with particular emphasis to changes made to privacy control.

“First, besides Facebook and MySpace, there’ll be one more Service joining Windows Live – LinkedIn. Second, When you first sign into new Live Messenger or Live Profile, you’ll be notified of a couple of important privacy changes and be given opportunity to change your privacy settings accordingly: “Your Messenger friends & Profile friends are merged into one list. but you can easily limit access to your more private information for some of those friends. | You’ve just one name: your full name, and just one profile picture, which’re both part of your profile, and always visible to friends. The end result is that your full name and picture will always be visible to your friends, but you’ve complete control over who your friends are.”

  • To help users quickly make informed decisions about what information about them is shared online, we created a privacy selector with three simple choices:

  • Close friends vs. acquaintances. When you receive an invitation to be someone’s friend, you’ll see a new check box:

    Selecting “Limit access…….” will restrict what this friend can see and do. If you click “No, thanks” (“polite decline”), the requestor will still have access to public information on your profile

  • Across Windows Live, you’ll see following permissions choices:

  • Additionally, you’ll see that if you choose Friends or higher as a setting, those activities will be published to your other connected services (like Facebook, MySpace, and soon, LinkedIn). When any update from Windows Live appears on a connected social network, it’ll follow privacy controls of that network:

  • The new privacy settings page, shown below, replaces detailed permissions page from previous release that some found overly complex. Of course, you can also customize privacy settings for an individual photo album, document, or other activity, and the page for that item will indicate that you’re using custom settings:

  • If you want even more control, click Advanced on Privacy settings page to find dozens of granular settings presented in an easy to understand layout.
    • Advance settings page presents each privacy setting organized into categories, with easy-to-use sliders that allow you to set permissions from most restrictive to least restrictive:

    • Furthermore, you can expand many items like Basic information and Contact information, to see exactly what’s included in that category:

    • You can also customize sharing option for your new SkyDrive photo albums and file folders, and view settings for all your existing albums and folders, too:

  • It’s important to note that, anyone who wants to can still control detailed privacy settings for dozens of individual items, including contact info, activities on connected services, and individual photo albums and document folders:


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