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Vista: Under Starter’s Orders…

Windows Vista Starter Edition is being aimed purely at developing countries, and aims to impact impact education, communication, productivity and entertainment.

This concept isn’t new – it happened with XP back in 2003, but the fact that people across the globe, who can’t afford hardware that would run the other 5 versions of Vista, will get the chance to experience many of the features of Vista, I believe is a fantastic move. It will also come in numerous languages, and will come with many more tutorials, primarily aimed at people who may never have used a PC before.

What kind of spec can you expect Vista Starter to run on? Well, get this: Vista will be able to run on a wider variety of processors than its XP predecessor, ranging from Intel’s Celerons and older Pentiums to AMD’s Duron! Retro or what! That means that Vista will run on a recommended minimum of 300mhz, but it is thought that it will even run on a 233MHz! It will run on a standard SVGA graphics card, and will require a great deal less RAM than the other versions. Now that’s crazy!

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