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Vail: Windows Home Server v2 ‘Features demonstration and Installation instructions’

So you now have heard about the public preview of “Vail,” here we want to pass along a couple of very important hardware-related tips on installing Vail Beta:

  1. Vail introduces a new underlying server platform that only run as a 64-bit OS. It isn’t recommend running Vail on 32-bit PC or existing Windows Home Server systems (even 64-bit Home Server systems) because there may be compatibility issues with some OEM drivers.
  2. Install the Vail code on a secondary computer as opposed to existing WHS v1 OEM systems (not even 64-bit systems) If you do install beta on an existing system, you may experience problems, including inability to run WHS v1 add-in apps (even those provided by OEMs).
  3. Installation of Vail OS on a PC will also require users to wipe all data from that PC or device.
  4. hardware requirements for Vail call for a 1.4 GHz x64 processor, 1 GB RAM, and at least one160 GB hard drive.
  5. For developer, this beta includes a new software development kit (SDK) that gives developers & partners even more ways to customize the OS and add new functionality and services to WHS.

Vail features demo:

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