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Use Poker Faces in Facebook Chat without any Extension

Poker Face in FB ChatThere are various ways to bring Facebook content into chats. For example, you use Facebook Pages like by typing [[your_vanity_URL]] — just replace the “your_vanity_URL” with the page name.

Also, you can use certain images in FB chat WITHOUT any extension. Just replace the text between square brackets with Facebook Profile ID or username of a Person or FB Page – e.g. [[171108522930776]].

Here are some numbers that bring the poker faces into the Facebook chat. The numbers are actually the IDs for pages that someone, for some terrible reason, made featuring all of those rage faces (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Poker-Face/129627277060203, for example).

Poker Face in Facebook Chat

Here’re a few ideas for people and pages you could use as emoticons:

Poker face [[129627277060203]]Forever Alone [[227644903931785]]OK guy [[100002752520227]]Me Gusta [[164413893600463]]Lol guy [[189637151067601]]Fuck Yeah [[105387672833401]]Problem? [[171108522930776]][[218595638164996]][[100002727365206]]

Here’s a big me gusta I made quickly:
[[293943390640881]] [[293944357307451]] [[293944767307410]][[293945010640719]] [[293945623973991]] [[293945800640640]][[293946030640617]] [[293946127307274]] [[293946297307257]]

edit: and also a 5×5 beast:
[[293955833972970]] [[293955850639635]] [[293955873972966]] [[293955920639628]] [[293956017306285]][[293956043972949]] [[293956060639614]] [[293956087306278]] [[293956100639610]] [[293956107306276]][[293956117306275]] [[293956127306274]] [[293956147306272]] [[293956220639598]] [[293956283972925]][[293956303972923]] [[293956327306254]] [[293956350639585]] [[293956370639583]] [[293956450639575]][[293956570639563]] [[293956620639558]] [[293956677306219]] [[293956710639549]] [[293956767306210]]

  • Badass – (Chuck Norris) [[46637413257]]
  • Eloquence – [[WilliamShakespeare1]]
  • Pirate – [[CaptainJackSparrow]]
  • President, leadership – [[barackobama]]
  • Bro – [[DJPAULYD]]
  • Male attractiveness – (Ryan Gosling) [[246631252031491]]
  • Boyishness – [[JustinBieber]]
  • Relaxation – [[BobMarley]]
  • Condescension, judgment – [[simoncowell]]
  • Adventure, auto theft – [[VinDiesel]]
  • Brilliance, controversial brilliance – [[Zuck]]
  • Loudmouth – [[theuncrunched]]
  • Greed – [[DonaldTrump]]
  • Drunk – (David Hasselhoff) [[123670240998921]]
  • Santa Claus – [[TheMagicOfSantaClaus]]
  • Terrible art – [[Nickelback]]
  • Winning – [[CharlieSheen]]
  • Disapproval – Fry from Futurama [[[278104690058]]

Here are the steps to use the emoticons on FB Chat:

  1. Go to any profile, official Page, or event that you want to use as an emoticon.
  2. Look at the URL. Find the username or profile ID at the end of the URL such as http://www.facebook.com/your_vanity_URL, or “45197362282”
  3. Place that name or number in double brackets like [[your_vanity_URL]]
  4. Enter that into a Facebook Chat or Message field. When you send it, the bracketed number or letters will appear as that person, Page, or event’s current profile picture.

Want more, just visit the Reddit page.

Using Faces in Facebook Chat

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