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Upgrade Your Zune With 100GB Hard Disk

The team at iPodMods managed to fit an 100GB Toshiba hard drive in the original Zune case, same as the 40, 60 and 80 models before. Of course you can upgrade your Video iPod to 100GB. iPodMods has posted a detailed online DIY guide to help the Zune owners. Incase, if you decide to do it yourself, you must be cautious and follow the instructions step by step.

Note: Opening the Zune case, sets your warranty void.

With this mod, the 100GB Zune can now hold an estimated 17,500 more songs or another 230 hours of video (bringing the capacities to around 25,000 songs and 330 hours of video). If you choose to buy the 100GB Toshiba hard disk from iPodMods it will cost you $299.99 with a $39.99 battery for Zune or iPod sent as a gift.

Reference: The Zune installation guide | The iPod installation guide | Video: DIY Zune 60GB Drive upgradation

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