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Uncompressed web contents wastes ’99 human years’ every day

Every day, more than 99 human years’re wasted because of uncompressed web contents. Although support for compression is a standard feature of all modern browsers, there’re still many cases in which users don’t receive compressed content. Steve Sounder’s Faster Web Sites, presents data showing page load time increase with compression disabled. “Here’s a reproduced results for three highest ranked sites. We’ve found there’re 4 major reasons why users don’t get compressed content: anti-virus software, browser bugs, web proxies, and misconfigured web servers. Of which first three modify web request so that web server doesn’t know that browser can uncompress content. Specifically, they remove or mangle Accept-Encoding header that’s normally sent with every request. Finally, in many cases, users’re not getting compressed content because websites they visit’re not compressing their content,” Google Code blog. To reduce uncompressed content: • Corporate, individual users can upgrade to latest Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, or Google Chrome for better results • Anti-virus vendors would need to stop removing or mangling Accept-Encoding header; Run browser compression test at Browerscope.org • ISPs that use HTTP proxy which strips or mangles Accept-Encoding header must upgrade, reconfigure or install a better proxy for compression support. Run brower compression test • Webmasters can use Page Speed to check that content of their pages are compressed.

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