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Two Girls Arrested for Hacking a Website

Hacking activities tend to become more and more popular in the entire world because the number of the security flaws and vulnerabilities is continuously increasing every day. A single application vulnerability can cause a successful exploitation of the issue that makes your computer even more vulnerable and opened to attacks. That’s why a lot of companies are trying to develop firewalls and security suites to defend a computer but sometimes it isn’t enough to be sure you’re protected against hackers.

The most relevant example was reported in Trenton, Ohio, where two girls were arrested for hacking a high school computer to modify the schedule of the classes. Although the school official announced an one-hour delay for the Monday classes, it seems like the two hackers created a snow day to cancel the entire school-day.

The official page of the high school contains useful information about students and teachers but the hacker modified only the official statement that announced the one-hour delay for all Monday classes. Although teachers or school’s official are the only users that are able to edit the content of the page, the hackers sustained they found the password from school and used it to modify the website.

“We immediately looked at ourselves, because we thought someone pushed the wrong button. People were letting us have it, (saying) ‘What’s with these guys, they can’t make up their mind, they can’t make an informed decision,’ and they were joining in that fun. We’re going to go after these students as tough as we can. It’s important that people feel they can go to our Edgewood Web site and get accurate information

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