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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Landing Page

“Landing Pages are an Artform, so Don’t Leave This In The Hands of Your Buddy, or You’ll Still Be Wondering What the Big Deal is About Them, While the Rest of us Rake in the Money!”

10 Tips to Improve Your Landing Page:

  1. Follow the layout that works: Have you ever noticed when something works, people just can’t help but wonder if they did this, would it be better. That’s great in some cases, but when something works, be careful what you mess with. If it doesn’t call for fancy, don’t get fancy. Find the template that works for your industry, and duplicate it.
  2. Research: Take a look at your industry, and then Google search to find landing page sites in it. And then use Alexa to check out the pages ranking. The combination of this will allow you to see what works for your industry content wise. Keep the profile of your visitor in mind, when adding content, and target that specifically. And remember to add a dash of key search terms while you’re at it.
  3. Don’t add what isn’t needed: Remember, the purpose of the landing page is to do one thing – and that is get the email address and name of the visitor so that you can build a relationship with them. Distractions can destroy your conversions. Don’t add any other links, and give them a clear message as to what you are offering, and why they should subscribe. That is your only purpose. The only way out, should be to leave, or subscribe.
  4. Personalize it: 2 ways you can dramatically increase your opt-in ratio is to add your picture, and if it is applicable, your signature. Let them know you are a real person, and this is a real offer. Anything that isn’t essential to the conversion process, get rid of it.
  5. Solve a Problem or Add the Benefits: A great way to get good conversion is to use your text wisely. Make sure you let them know how you can solve a problem, or the amazing benefits they are about to receive can change their lives. You need to give them a huge reason to opt-in.
  6. Follow the Page Eye-line strategy: There is a specific traffic pattern that they eye follows, so make sure the content you need them to see, follows that. In addition, you want all critical information to be above the screen line or virtual fold (the bottom of the screen before scrolling). Watch the number of pictures you have that may distract, and pull from your opt-in, and keep this to a minimum. You want their eye, to go to the Opt-In. This is not a place for ads, sidebars, navigation bars or much of anything, except getting to the point.
  7. Display your Anti-Spam message: Make sure you make them immediately aware that you will not use their list for any other purpose than what they are opting in for. You won’t rent, sell, or do anything that would compromise your relationship with the person who now gave you their trust.
  8. Opt-in Basics: Optimize your opt-in by making sure you don’t ask for too much. If you are using autoresponders as your campaign to keep in touch, just get email and first name. If you have a high-end product that may require some personal communication, then also ask for a phone number. But in general, less is more.
  9. Make it urgent: You want the visitor to think if they don’t opt-in, and listen to your offer, than they are missing out on some very important information. You must make the need for them to opt-in urgent. Limited time offer. Today only. And if you can, add an opt-in bonus. Not only will this increase your conversion rate, but it will also add to the relationship building, as you give them something for free.
  10. Test and Tweak: Always watch the statistics of your landing page with respect to the number of visitors, and the number that opted-in. If this isn’t an acceptable rate for your industry, change something, and repost. Then watch again. Constantly do this until you get a rate that really helps your business grow, and gives you someone to talk to and build a relationship with.

    Things to look at are:

    • Is the whole page focused on one objective?
    • Is there an urgent need or incentive to opt-in?
    • Do you have all of the critical elements?
    • Is critical information above the fold?
    • Is there any information that you don’t need and is distracting?
    • Does the page add to your overall strategy and brand?
    • Is the whole page cohesive?

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