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The Xbox 360 See-Through Casing

Xbox 360 has a transparent casing now. Big deal. Like the game console is going to be better just for that. Sure there’s a guy or two that have probably said: “oh…I wish my 360 would have a transparent casing…” There is a condition called “apotemnophilia” which means the person wants to amputate a healthy limb in order to “feel whole.” I’d say they’d have something in common with those who actually “wish” the console had a transparent case, but then I’d exaggerate as surely nobody dreams of having an Xbox 360 with an “invisible  case.”

I got this off of Kotaku and quite frankly, those guys didn’t seem to have wasted too much time in commenting the matter thus there were only 2 lines written and funny ones at that.

Here’s a comment from a guy who isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind: “See-through cases for consoles suck. Even the official ones” Do you want to know why, I’ll tell you in a jiffy, just see this next comment: “Frankly, this was scary/difficult enough to do on my Dreamcast (that’s got a crystal case now). I daren’t try on the 360, not to mention that they die often enough that I will be holding onto that unvoided warranty as long as possible. :)”

The second statement contains a few words that have captured my attention: “…they die often enough…” I wonder what he meant by that…? OK, I’ll cut the “me being funny” part and get right to the point. Transparent casings are made of plastic, just like all other console’s casings but the thing is that in order to make plastic transparent, it has to go through a different process (different polymers involved I guess) resulting in a beautiful yet easily breakable case.

Though they tend to brake easily, they do however look pretty good, because you can see all the parts inside, but that still doesn’t tell me why they do this to every console, what’s so spectacular about it?


XBox 360, Casing

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