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The Warriors (PSP) Review

The Warriors on the PSP is a good example of how to make a PSP game these days, but it also shows one of the major mistakes Sony made with the system from the very beginning. I have to point out that this is pretty much a straight port from the PS2 version, although in this case I don’t think that’s a bad thing. The graphics weren’t that impressive on the original version but they got the job done, and what looked behind the times on the PS2 ends up looking solid on the PSP. They didn’t have to chop much of the graphical quality down, so the game looks great. Everything is a little dark, so at first I was bothered by the ghosting effects on the PSP screen, but you get used to them. This is one of those 3D games that the DS couldn’t handle, and with all the music and vocals it reminds you why the power of the PSP is there.

If you’ve never played the PS2 version of The Warriors—and you’re in for a treat here if that’s the case—the game begins where the movie begins, and then jumps back in time to fill in the story of how the Warriors came to be and the story of their rise to power in the land of New York gangs. It’s clear that Rockstar has a ton of love for the source material; even though they take liberties with the characters and the story by showing things that are barely hinted at in the original movie, it all feels authentic. If you’ve ever started a fight by clinking some beer bottles together or asked some suckas if they can count, you’ll be in heaven.

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