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The Good Wife Episode “Two Courts” – SEO Gets A Nod On Network TV

In the most recent episode of CBS’s hit drama, The Good Wife (air date 1/18/11, episode title “Two Courts”) – the courtroom case of the week featured a defendant accused of killing his father, who fears a jury will be biased against him based on what he does — search engine optimization.

Now, really, how could anyone think that face is an evil spammer?

“SPAM” according to the man’s attorneys, in the first two minutes of the episode as brought to our attention by Niall Madden in the Good Wife & the Evil SEO, the transcript goes something like this:

  • Lawyer 1:”It’s prejudicial”
  • Tall, Red Headed Client: “So you think the prosecution won’t try to admit it?”
  • Lawyer 1 “I know they will — but the judge will see your job as irrelevant to the crime”
  • Tall, Red Headed Client: “It’s just… people hate what I do”
  • Lawyer 1: “Spam”
  • Tall, Red Headed Client: (interrupts) “Search engine optimization”
  • Lawyer 2: “Don’t worry prosecution will be too busy….”

The Good Wife – Two Courts:

The Good Wife – Breaking Up:

If the aboe videos don’t work in your region, you can watch the full episode here.


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